As Japanese tax services, depending on the depth of our involvement and your needs, we offer three standard service levels as summarized below, each of which can be provided in English.

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Please visit the respective pages for more information on each service.

Retainer Services

This service is suitable for companies with in-house accountants that keep their books in Japan but who are looking for Japanese tax services such as the following:

  • Preparation of annual corporate tax returns and other tax reports or applications
  • English correspondence with an offshore parent company regarding Japanese taxes
  • Tax consultations on withholding, consumption, or individual income taxes that may arise in the ordinary course of business, as well as corporate tax issues
  • Calculation of tax liabilities and deferred tax assets to be booked in year-end financial statements

We can offer these services for a fixed fee.


This service is suitable for companies considering financial outsourcing such as the following:

  • Newly established Japanese entities with no in-house accountant in Japan
  • Firms where the workload does not justify a full-time accountant in Japan
  • Firms who need temporary services to fill in for resigned accounting personnel until new staff can be hired (including handover to new employees)
  • Understaffed monitoring of Japanese Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) owned by offshore investors, etc.

This is a bespoke tax and accounting service.  We will provide a fee quote after customizing our scope of services depending on your demand.

Ad-hoc Advice

If you have specific ad-hoc questions on Japanese taxes for cross-border transactions and/or investments in Japanese property, financial products, or funds such as the following, we are happy to assist you with your concerns.

  • Setting up Japanese entities
  • Application of Japanese thin capitalization rules
  • Corporate taxation of Japanese branches under AOA rules
  • Application of tax treaties
  • Investment in Japanese property, trusts, or partnerships
  • Reverse charge mechanisms under Japanese consumption tax law

Our fee is generally on a time-charged basis.  We can offer a free initial consultation.  In addition, we can provide a fee estimate outlining your issues and giving a rough estimate of our time for the work.