If your company needs to outsource finance operations in Japan, we can be of your help.

This service is suitable for small-sized companies considering financial outsourcing such as the following:

  • Newly established Japanese entities with no in-house accountant in Japan
  • Firms where the workload does not justify a full-time accountant in Japan
  • Firms who need temporary services to fill in for resigned accounting personnel until new staff can be hired (including handover to new employees)
  • Understaffed monitoring of Japanese Special Purpose Vehicles (SPVs) owned by offshore investors, etc.

This service will be performed by licensed tax accountant having experience as a financial controller in a Japanese branch of a foreign corporation.

Services Offered

This is a bespoke tax and accounting service, so the scope of our services varies widely depending on your needs.

Below is a sample of the services that we can offer at this service level:

  • All tax services included in Retainer Service
  • Monthly and annual book closing
  • Preparing financial statements
  • Corresponding with parent companies regarding accounting
  • Corresponding with financial auditors
  • Preparing and maintaining fixed asset ledgers
  • Payroll
  • Cash management (assuming that Internet banking is available)
  • Preparing manuals on finance operations in Japan for successors
  • Preparing reports for offshore investors (for SPVs)
  • Preparing other relevant documents as required

If you need other services related to finance operation which is not listed above, please contact us.

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